Get Your Vote Back

If you've looked at this site and watched the film, you will see that there are a lot of people out there working hard to restore voting rights to people with felony convictions. They feel their right to vote is precious. So should you.

So if you have a felony conviction and are unsure if you can vote, or need to know how to get your rights restored, you owe it to them to find out your voting status and do something about it. If you have a vote, you can speak for yourself and more importantly for those who don't have a voice. As Andres, one of our characters, puts it, "politicians don't listen to people who don't vote."

In some states, the right to vote is automatically restored once you are released from prison. In others, you need to seek a pardon, or clemency from the Governor. Whatever the situation, know your rights and make sure that you exercise your franchise. Go to the map page to find out what the voting laws are in your state, and how to get your rights back if you need to.

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